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Increase efficiency and run life while reducing electricity costs by 8%

PJSC Nizhnekamskneftekhim is the largest petrochemical company in the Russian Federation, producing synthetic rubbers and plastics.  Unsaturated polyethylene glycol of NPEG-2400 brand and methoxy polyethylene glycol of MPEG-3000 brand, both of which are used in the production of "superplasticizers" for concrete mixtures, are among the products manufactured at one of its production complexes, Plant for Oligomers and Glycols Production.

Ruhrpumpen GmbH pumping units with magnetic couplings were put into operation in 2019. Because of the high viscosity of the product, large axial forces began to occur in the pump, destroying thrust and radial bearings. The run life was 3-4 months, and the need to support a continuous production cycle compelled us to seek alternative solutions.
SPC "ANOD" proposed and developed a Bearing Sealing Package (BSP) to update the existing pump, which allowed us:
- to reduce pump vibration by increasing the inter-support distance.
 - to organize bearing cooling and lubrication due to a clean barrier fluid with good lubricating properties and a temperature of 55°C - 65 °C (previously, the bearings operated on a pumped product with a temperature of approximately 100 °C).
- to eliminate power losses due to magnetic coupling use, as well as parts of the pumped medium required for recirculation to lubricate the bearings.

In October 2021, two pumps were transferred to bearing sealing packages (BSP) manufactured by SPC "ANOD". During the installation and commissioning operations, representatives of SPC "ANOD", together with representatives of Plant for Oligomers and Glycols Production, carried out several measures for finalizing the pumps and their successful launching into production. The switch to the BSP allowed for 8% reducing in electricity costs, as well as efficiency and run life increasing.