Research and production Centre ANOD
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Nizhny Novgorod, Russia,
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After-sales service

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The main objective of the enterprise is to design and manufacture high-quality products in response to customers` needs and requirements. However, to enable these products to open their full potential, its proper exploitation, repair and maintenance are to be duly carried out. Therefore, companies, using our products, should have highly-qualified experts able to fulfill these procedures.

Our enterprise can provide assistance to our customers in qualified operators training. For this purpose, regular seminars, conferences and training courses are held at our premises as group or individual classes. Training is provided for mechanics, engineers, foremen and adjusters of enterprises’ rebuild services. Training is conducted by our specialists at the Scientific Production Centre "Anode", as well as at customers’ premises or at specific branch training units.

The following topics can be discussed in the course of training:

Operation principles of various sealing systems; Installation, mounting of ancillary equipment and putting it in operation; Operation principles and features of face seals; Review of advanced sealing techniques for pumping and compressor equipment. New technologies, materials and designs.

We also offer practical training in face seals repair and maintenance, study of failure preventive measures.

Besides training, our experts offer a wide range of services for pump users:

Equipment monitoring with further recommendations on the enhancement of equipment operation and reliability; Consulting on sealing technology for production and units optimization, for higher reliability of equipment and costs reduction; Contract supervision; Putting in operation; Repair and maintenance on the site; Repair and reconstruction at the Scientific Production Centre "Anode"; Pumping equipment retrofit for face seals and plain bearings installations; Programming of maintenance and preventive measures for sealing systems in accordance with engineering procedure; Investigation of seals failures and provision of recommendations to prevent failures and increase service life of sealing systems; Full-scale test (operational testing) of face seals at research premises of the Scientific Production Centre "Anode" and in consumers` equipment; Engineering supervision and after-sales service of sealing systems during the entire equipment life cycle.