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Double face seals for PJSC "Transneft".

R&PC "ANOD" LLC designed and manufactured a face seal 195UTD 00.00 to replace the EagleBurgmann SHPVI-D/217-E1 seal as part of the import substitution program in 2020. These face seals are used in the SULZERHPDM 600-615 main pumping units.

Technical specification of the face seal 195UTD 00.00:

    Two seals 195UTD 00.00. were manufactured and tested to equip the SULZER pump.  The seals were subjected to testing following the previously approved program and methodology. The face seals 195UTD 00.00 were installed in SULZERHPDM 600-615 pump at Transneft PJSC's operating oil pumping station after passing dynamic tests on the test bench.

In August 2021, the unit was stopped for the seals audit. During the tests, there were no deviations from the standard values in the parameters of the face seals. Following the audit results, it was determined that the seals are in satisfactory condition and SULZERHPDM 600-615 pumps could continue to operate.

The condition of the friction pairs rings of the seal 195UTD 00.00 after passing the control operation in SULZERHPDM 600-615 pump.