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Magnetic Drive Replacement

By the request of Sosnogorskу Gas Processing Plant there has been accomplished modification of the pump unit equipped with magnetic coupling made by the HMD company. The unit pumps over gasoline and toluene mixture at temperature range between 180°C and 260°C. As a support for the rotor shaft there were used sliding bearings lubricated with the pumped medium. The lubricant was taken from the ascending nipple of the pump.

Magnetic drive was replaced with sealed bearing block 90BPU2 (90БПУ2) without alteration of the pump dimensions. Consequently, the bearings operate in considerably better conditions due to the use of autonomous lubrication circuit and cooling. Elimination of losses related to the use of magnetic coupling and recirculation of the pumped medium used for lubrication reduces power consumption from 120 kW to 97 kW, and also saves hundreds of thousands rubles for the company annually as for electric power only.

This was not the first modification of magnetic coupling pumps performed by R&PC ANOD, LLC. In 2010, in Krasnodar refinery a magnetic coupling of the pump made by HMD used for pumping of oil residue at temperature 320°C has been modified. In 2009, there also has been modified a magnetic coupling of the pump manufactured by Klaus Union used for vinylchloride pumping. At the same station there also has been reconstructed CG canned motor pump intended for pumping ethylene dichloride.

Such experience in magnetic coupling pump modification justifies once again the effectiveness of import units replacement for complex pumping equipment manufactured by foreign companies, including pumps equipped with magnetic couplings, canned motor pumps, due to the use of advanced technologies, and in particular, pumps equipped with sealed bearing blocks.